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Reiss’s Floor Coatings Expertise


Reiss’s Floor Coatings will meet your needs and surpass your expectations. We combine an innovative, knowledgeable, and intensely committed team of industrial flooring professionals with top products and services to give you a quality solution.


Reiss provides a variety of industrial flooring services including renovation, repair, and resurfacing. From preparation, to application, to custom-designed floors, our team ensures that your flooring project will surpass your expectations.


We believe that a strong foundation creates better floors for years to come. Our preparation services include:
·    shot blasting
·    scarifying
·    floor sweeping
·    joint caulking
·    crack repair
·    decorative concrete flooring


From there, we provide applications for many types of floors including:
·    light traffic floors
·    decorative floors,
·    highly trafficked floors
·    high performance manufacturing flooring  
·    shop floors
·    heavy duty resurfacing  
·    urethane mortar flooring


 Finally, among our specialty services we include:
·    fast flooring
·    moisture control
·    fiberglass wall reinforcement


No Floor is too BIG to handle at Reiss Painting Companies.  The list just keeps on going …
·    Chemical resistant coatings
·    Urethane mortar floor system
·    Trowel applied mortar floor systems
·    Seamless epoxy floors
·    Decorative epoxy floors
·    MMA Fast Floor Systems
·    Concrete preparation
·    Concrete Polishing.

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Reiss Painting is the industry leader in providing a sustainable solution...